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Friday, October 22, 2004

This is a long story but...

When I was at the Prostitution Conference in Toledo, ( one of my gorgeous-nice-brainy hooker friends told me that she knew that Donna Hughes was there. Donna Hughes is a famous anti-prostitution academic. She's sort of feminist and even sort of Christian right I hear, I haven't researched all this. Anyway, my friend saw Hughes' luggage tag by accident somewhere else in Toledo, actually - so she knew what Hughes looked like. But I was told that Donna Hughes didn't wear her name tag during the conference! This might not seem like a big deal to anyone reading this, but, then it seems that this Rhode Island Professor was not wearing a name tag during the conference. This is apparenlty a violation of her responsibitity as an academic...

During my Norma Jean's (Book: Cop To Call Girl) presentation someone said Hughes was taking ferverish notes! During Robyns presentation, apparently, she was also feverishly scribbling. Then she wrote this thing in the National review which is posted next to a cmpaign ad for Bush! Very very right wing...

Don't you think the mainstream feminists would notice that the right wing is all lined up against the pros rights people using the exact same rhetoric? Don't you think it would make some supposedly progressive feminists question this alliance...I have a nice little article about the right wing-feminist comradierie,too...(

Anyway, back to Donna Hughes possible lapse in morality:

I was telling this to my Ph.D candidate friend and she remarked that academics aren't supposed to do that, like she is actually doing something wrong by hiding her identity and then writing the trashy article about our excellent and well intentioned legislation. See for more about the great Measure Q in Berkeley to decrminalize prostitution. Basically, you need to follow the links to understand at all what is going on here.

It's very complicated. How could this happen? Would Donna Hughes commit such a blatant faux paus of academic morality!?
This is a long story but...


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